Java Queue Implementation

What is Queue Code Example of Java Queue class Queue<Item> { private int size; private Node first; private Node last; private class Node { Item item; Node next; } public Queue() { size = 0; first = null; last = null; }

Java Merging Two Sorted Queues in Ascending Order

A sorted queue means the items in this queue are in descending order or ascending order. If we insert the items into a new queue one by one and keep the previous order, the new queue should also be sorted. Question 4.3.42 Merging two sorted queues. Given two queues with strings in ascending order,

Java Load Balancer Simulator Based on Random Array Queue

Thinking of there are hundreds of thousands of users request a website at the same time, we must have multiple servers to make sure our service is stable and won't out of usage. You may ask how could we distribute requests to these different servers, the answer is Load Balancer. Load Balancer is a