Java Queue Implementation

What is Queue Code Example of Java Queue class Queue<Item> { private int size; private Node first; private Node last; private class Node { Item item; Node next; } public Queue() { size = 0; first = null; last = null; }

Java Infix Calculator

What is Infix expression Infix notation is the common arithmetic and logical formula notation, in which operators are written infix-style between the operands they act on, as the examples below: 1+2 3+4 A fully parenthesized infix arithmetic expression is an infix arithmetic expression where every

Java Postfix Calculator

What is Postfix expression Postfix is a expression of Arithmetic Expressions in which the operands are placed before their operators. There are no precedence rules, no parentheses needed. It's much easier for us to calculate Postfix Expression by using stack. Steps of Evaluating Postfix [^1] Push

Java Stack Implementation

What is Stack Code Example of Stack import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.NoSuchElementException; import java.util.Scanner; class Stack<Item> implements Iterable<Item> { private int n; private Node first; private class Node { private Item item; private

Java Load Balancer Simulator Based on Random Array Queue

Thinking of there are hundreds of thousands of users request a website at the same time, we must have multiple servers to make sure our service is stable and won't out of usage. You may ask how could we distribute requests to these different servers, the answer is Load Balancer. Load Balancer is a

Java Fibonacci Word

Fibonacci Word means the next word is concatenated up by the two words before it. Sn = S(n-1) · S(n-2) 0 01 010 01001 Question Write a program that prints the Fibonacci word of order 0 through 10. f(0) = "a", f(1) = "b", f(2) = "ba", f(3) = "b

Java CMYK to RGB Converter

Almost everyone knows the RGB color model, red, green and blue, especially as a software engineer. It's widely applied in many industries. The CMYK, stands for "Cyan Magenta Yellow Black", is mostly used in paper print. Today we are going to create a java program to convert a color from C

Java RGB to CMYK Converter

As we already talked about the implementation of how to convert a color pixel value from RGB to CMYK, now I'd like to show you how to convert it from CMYK to RGB. Question RGB to CMYK color matching. Write a java program RGBtoCMYK that reads in four command line inputs R, G, B between 0 and 255,