Rails on Kubernetes Deployment Tutorial

Kubernetes is different from Docker Swarm, it has Pods and running Containers inside Pods. Here is a simplified Kubernetes architecture diagram. In this tutorial, we are going to go through all the steps from setup Kubernetes on your local device to run Rails on a local Kubernetes cluster. Activat

Java Fibonacci Word

Fibonacci Word means the next word is concatenated up by the two words before it. Sn = S(n-1) · S(n-2) 0 01 010 01001 Question Write a program FibonacciWord.java that prints the Fibonacci word of order 0 through 10. f(0) = "a", f(1) = "b", f(2) = "ba", f(3) = "b

Java CMYK to RGB Converter

Almost everyone knows the RGB color model, red, green and blue, especially as a software engineer. It's widely applied in many industries. The CMYK, stands for "Cyan Magenta Yellow Black", is mostly used in paper print. Today we are going to create a java program to convert a color from C

Java RGB to CMYK Converter

As we already talked about the implementation of how to convert a color pixel value from RGB to CMYK, now I'd like to show you how to convert it from CMYK to RGB. Question RGB to CMYK color matching. Write a java program RGBtoCMYK that reads in four command line inputs R, G, B between 0 and 255,